Friday, April 26, 2013

Amigurumi corchet


long time no see ya.. a little bit busy since practical..
you know ?? business is not something that easy to do..
to earn money is difficult.. errmm,for some people like me ~

my brother 1 year older than me suggest that he got one idea to do some business.. its call *knitting* jobs.. 

i say to myself : huh ?? knitting ?? why knitting ??

yeahh, maybe because i like to sewing and something familiar that make him suggest *knitting* job... hurmm...
but, this is not ordinary knitting like making some cloth..
it's knitting to make the DOLLS.. OMG !!!

first problem is : i never knitting before
seconds : i don't know how to make a dolls
thirds : i don't have the tool and material for knitting

this knitting the doll calls Amigurumi Crochet Pattern like down here for example ---->

Photo: * about the book *

She's in doubt if she should eat this tasty shrubbery. Now she's going to be a star in the next Zoomigurumi book, she's inclined to watch her figure.
This beautiful cow doesn't have a name yet. Could you help us with some nice suggestions?

You can find Auroragurumi's previous patterns here:

The new book will be available for presale starting May 15. You can find more info on Zoomigurumi Volume 1 here: Spring is almost here, Spring bunny can not wait!

Photo: On Valentines day Wasabi the bunny met the love of his life, Lilly! Now they are the proud parents of a beautiful daughter and son. This cute family was made by Kim (Echtstudio) and Cora with the pattern from Zoomigurumi 1.

Photo: Gustav wishes you a nice and relaxing weekend!

Photo: He's so cute!!

hahahahaha... i just can only laugh..
IMPOSSIBLE !!! (after i watch how to knitting cherry from u-tube.. its very very very difficult - that just a small cherry ok ~ imagine how i can knitting a doll ??)
i can't make something like dolls up there..
i only can success after 1-3 years later maybe...

so,bro... just give up for that idea ok..
babai Amigurumi doll, babai my bro's dream to sell that doll,
and babai the reader..  sorry for wrong spelling or grammar..

Till then, wasalam

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